About Krigsgraver.no

The database War Graves in Norway (krigsgraver.no) is administered by the Falstad Centre on a mission from the Ministry of Culture's War Graves Service.

On krigsgraver.no you get an overview of foreign war graves in Norway. This includes both information about the grave sites and the persons who are/were buried there. From the individual entries there are also references to sources, for example captivity cards and reports from local authorities. Foreign soldiers and prisoners of war from the First and Second World War are given eternal conservation.
Read more about regulation and documentation on regjeringen.no.

The register includes both grave sites where there are war graves today and places where war graves have previously been. In many cases, the graves have been moved one or more times in the post-war period. In this context, is it particularly important to mention «Operasjon Asphalt» in the 1950s, where Soviet war graves in Northern Norway were moved to Tjøtta Soviet war cemetery.

The first version of krigsgraver.no was launched in 2010, in connection with the project «War Graves seeking names». A major upgrade of the database in 2017–2018 is supported by the War Graves Service and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Information on German and Yugoslav fallen has not been published as of 2019. The register does not include the burials of Norwegian citizens, either in Norway or abroad.